Have you ever had been to a Tarot card reading? If not, have you ever wanted to try it?Here's your chance for a quick, easy and it's free monthly reading with the Hudson Valley's own, metaMarcy.

Are you concerned about a new job? Maybe you need some relationship advice. Tarot cards have been around for hundreds of years to help us bring clarity. Thankfully, we have someone here in the Hudson Valley who can help us out.

MetaMarcy stopped by the WRRV studio to do some on-air readings. We tried but unfortunately we could not get to every single caller. We devised a way to get everyone involved.

Marcy offers a convenient way to look into the great beyond. She'll also be in the VIP section of the upcoming event, What Women Want.

Check out your monthly Tarot card reading from Marcy below.

What did your quick reading say about you? Which card did you pick?