As Hudson Valley residents and Americans, we're all familiar with the 32nd President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

President Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park and took office in 1933. If you live or grew up in and around the Hudson Valley, chances are you've taken a field trip or adventure over to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum. The presidential history is strong here in the Valley and there was even a movie filmed in and around the area featuring Billy Murray as FDR.

Most of FDR's history is common knowledge to us "upstate" folk. However, BuzzFeed just released an amazing FDR based secret that no one knew of for over 70 years. BuzzFeed news was given access to Grand Central Station in New York City to help promote a new show called Secrets of America's Favorite Places. The staff was then shown FDR's personal train station that is located deep under Grand Central.

Lots and lots of secrets. Of course FDR was hiding the fact that he had polio from the world and while trying to hide that secret had another secret train station. The video is eye opening but kind of eerie as well.

Did you know about FDR's secret train station? What other secret locations are there hiding in New York?