A brand-new store will be opening up in Dutchess County before we know it.

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It's always good news when we get to talk about a new business opening up in the Hudson Valley. Hopewell Junction, NY is a great little town and it's really started to grow a lot over the past few years. I was driving around the other day and noticed that a new store was going to open up in Hopewell and it looked pretty cool.

What new store will be opening up in Hopewell Junction, NY?

A.Camilleri/Google Maps/Canva
A.Camilleri/Google Maps/Canva

it looks like a new store called Hudson Valley Promos is opening up off of Route 82 in Hopewell Junction, NY. The store is located in a plaza right across from where the old Hopewell Antique store used to be. A big question I had was...what exactly will Hudson Valley Promos be doing and selling?

A.Camilleri/Google Maps/Canva
A.Camilleri/Google Maps/Canva

I took a quick picture of the sign and it looks like they will be doing all kinds of things like making custom apparel, banners, yard signs, laser engraving services, business cards and much more. Sometimes places like this can be hard to find and they are a rarity these days with everything being so digital.

I checked out Hudson Valley Promo's website and it says,

'The Region's Headquarters & One-Stop-Shop for screenprinting, embroidering, stationary, banners, signage, stickers and direct-mailing solutions,"

We're not exactly sure when Hudson Valley Promos will be opening, but we will keep you posted. We wish the owners the best of luck with their store and adventure.

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