A book was written about it and now a movie is coming to Netflix later this month about it too.

The book "All Things Cease to Appear" written by Elizabeth Brundage came out in 2016 and it was loosely based on a brutal ax murder that happened in 1982 in Brighton, New York. According to Democrat and Chronicle, Brundage could not shake the actual incident where a 3-year old girl was stuck inside her family home with her dead mother after the atrocious crime.

I have actually read that book and never knew it was based on a real offense. I suppose I should read every last page of a book. Well, now the book gets translated into a picture on Netflix. The movie is called "Things Heard & Seen" and stars award-winning actress Amanda Seyfried who is famous for movies such as "Dear John", "Les Misérables", "Mean Girls", and "Mamma Mia".

The movie isn't a direct and exact story of the murder from 1982 itself, nor is it directly the story from the book. Instead, it takes the basic premise of the book. The movie delves into supernatural events happening inside the home bought in the Hudson Valley. "Things Heard & Seen" will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, April, 29.

Democrat & Chronicle go into a little more detail on the crime that happened, It may be a little too gruesome for some so I decided to allow you to click on this link if you're interested.

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