Thursday looks like another nice day for the Hudson Valley.  The dry and warm weather continues, as a brief area of high pressure builds into the Hudson Valley. It will be a hot day on Thursday too, while there will be plenty of sunshine, temperatures will go up to 90.  This nice weather will not last.

Clouds continue to build in Thursday night and during the overnight period you’ll start to see showers move in. Friday expect showers and even some thunderstorms. Once again, some of those storms are produce some heavy rains.

Here’s the latest forecast from the National Weather Service:

Thursday:  Sunny and hot, with a high near 90.

Thursday night:  Clouds will be on the increase, overnight low of 72.  A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms during the overnight period.

Friday:  Showers likely with a possible thunderstorm.  High near 86.  Some storms can produce heavy rain.