We have gotten a lot of great superhero movies in recent years. (We’ve gotten a lot of great superhero movies in recent year; just 2018 has been full of really good ones.) But Logan was something special. It took a hero who had previously been the star of one of the worst superhero films of all time and turned him into a flesh-and-blood character. And I mean there was a lot of flesh and blood. This thing earned its R rating.

In the video essay above by Eric Cuadrado, we explore what Logan meant to Wolverine and to the superhero genre as a whole, why it was so groundbreaking, and how it changed the world forever. Yeah the R rating is part of it, but that’s just one component of what made the third Wolverine movie so unique. A lot of it has to do with star Hugh Jackman and his willingness to give Logan something most superheroes never get: An ending.

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