*Updated 11/15/21

Have you noticed these "Mini Mid Hudson Bridges" in various spots throughout the Hudson Valley? I think that they have been around for about two years, and I am 'late to the party' but finding out a little more info about them has been great. Have you seen them?

I can almost guarantee you that you will start to see them now, and in a few places, you will see two at a time.


The 'Mini Bridge Project' started out as way to bring awareness of and to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Mid-Hudson Bridge, which was to take place in August of 2020. Historic Bridges of the Hudson Valley, crafted and then had 60 of these Mini Bridges brought to life, which could then be purchased by a business or individual and then painted or decorated to pay tribute to said business, organization or group.

This is fantastic! The artwork did need to be approved in advance by the Historic Bridges of the Hudson Valley, and there were only a limited amount of bridges that were available, making this even more unique. From the bridges I have seen in person, no two are even remotely alike, which makes it even more interesting and great.


Where can you find the bridges? They are located throughout Dutchess and Ulster Counties, with most of them being with in just a few miles of the Mid Hudson Bridge,  including the ones on display near the Kingston Rhinecliff Bride, the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, the Bear Mountain Bridge and the Newburgh Beacon Bridge. Keep in mind that not all of the 'Mini Bridges' are currently on public display.

Can you still get your own 'Mini Bridge?' Yes, according to Kathryn Burke, the director of the Historic Bridges of the Hudson Valley, there are still a handful of these treasures that are still available. If you are interested, contact her, via email at KBurke@NYSBA.NY.gov.

Here is a look at the original inspiration below. For those of you keeping track the Mid Hudson Bridge opened August 25, 1930.

Mid-Hudson Bridge, City of Poughkeepsie, Poughkeepsie Waterfront, Hudson River

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