Using our imaginations can be fun and being able to create something magical is even more fun. That is what hunting for and building fairy houses is all about. Earlier this year I had the chance to walk a trail with my grandson who asked me if I knew where the Fairies lived. Curiously I said no can you show me? And he took me straight to a spot where he and his mom had built a fairy house on a previous walk.

Sometimes as grown-ups we don't spend enough time with our imaginations. If we don't have children in our lives who can regularly encourage our creativity we can get stuck in the adult day-to-day which can also be so dull. This need for me to exercise my imagination may be why I got so excited when I saw that the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum (HHNM) at 120 Muser Drive in Cornwall, New York is holding an event in August called Fairy House and Toad Abodes.

Hudson Valley Outdoor Event for All Ages at Hudson Highland Nature Museum

A small toad sitting on a leaf.

On Sunday, August 21st, 2022 you are invited to exercise your imagination by joining Nature Educators who will be teaching everyone who attends Fairy Houses and Toad Abodes about the habitats of some of our local wildlife plus encouraging you to use your imagination. This event is a guided nature walk where you will look for burrows and other types of animal homes. All of this hunting and knowledge will be the inspiration for you to design your own fairy house or toad abode.

There are two sessions the first at 10 AM and the other at 1 PM. This is a ticketed event with pre-registration required. Ticket prices vary and museum members will save a bit on the price. The HHNM is currently taking reservations for this event so don't wait to get your tickets.

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