Whether you're a cautious driver or a little bit reckless, there's a good chance that you've gotten a ticket in your lifetime. Have you ever fought the law and won?

I recently moved to the Hudson Valley and my dad, like most fathers was one of the first to help me move. He drove all the way from Michigan with a few friends to help me out. At my new apartment I do have my own parking spot. However, If I have multiple cars, we need to park on the street which is exactly what my dad did. Friday goes by, Saturday goes by and finally Sunday goes by and BAM! Monday morning my dad woke up to a $100.00 parking ticket.

You'd think the officer would show some mercy since my dad had an out of state license plate. My dad tried to see the judge that same day but they refused. They must have thought they'd just give him a ticket and he'd pay it and go home.

Not my dad though. He came all the way back to New York this week to fight the man. I decided to ask the listeners or some help but I'm not too sure they are up to date on their Bar examination.

"Just don't go and pay it. If he lives out of state they won't chase him down for $100".
"Hi, I'm texting in about the parking ticket. If it's really that big of a deal just plead not guilty and they'll probably knock it down more or they might drop it. My dad and fiance always plead not guilty."
"Nick's dad should grow boobs. Ticket get dropped. Boom."
Well, I'm not sure how helpful that last text is going to be but anything could happen.