Ticketmaster settled a lawsuit and it could mean a whole bunch of free tickets for you.

The ticket broker, for a very long time the standard in the industry, has long been accused of overcharging customers and tacking on all sorts of excessive and gratuitous fees to simple ticket purchases.

Well, one lawsuit, Schlesinger Et Al v. Ticketmaster may have brought you at least a little bit of restitution; as part of a settlement, the company is paying out $45 million in tickets to compensate for such fees. If you bought tickets to an event through Ticketmaster between April 1999 and October 2013, you may be surprised to find some vouchers for a free pair of tickets to an upcoming show in the "Active Vouchers" section of your account information at Ticketmaster.com.

Now, these aren't just free tickets to whatever show you want. There will be a set list of approved shows that will be eligible. As of this writing, nothing is actually on that list, but the ticket vouchers are supposedly good until 2020, so you will hopefully have the opportunity to cash them in for something good over the next four years.

Find out more about the entire lawsuit and what it means for you at the website here.

I can't wait to drop my 8 free pairs of tickets on an off-off-off-off Broadway production of The Life of Abe Vigoda or whatever.