Want to visit someone you know at the Dutchess County Jail, surprisingly there are a few steps you will need to take (because of Covid) before you can see your loved one, here's what you need to know.

So you want to go visit someone who is "temporarily remanded" to the Dutchess County Jail located in Poughkeepsie, NY, but how do you do that? When can you visit and what do you need to bring with you?

You might not be aware of the things you will need to do in advance, including making an appointment. Yes, you will need to make an appointment to see your inmate. There have been a few different visitation regulations that have been put into place since the beginning of Covid. The regulations involve a few more things that making sure you have hand sanitizer and a particular type of face mask.

In addition to being able to see your loved one on a limited schedule, you can also call them, and write letters to them as well. Feel free to share with us if there have been any changes to what the Dutchess County Jail has shared as far as what everyone needs to know about making one of these visits. Here is how you can go about visiting someone in the Dutchess County Jail:

What Do You Need To Visit an Inmate at the Dutchess County Jail?

There are a few crucial steps that you will need to do, before you can visit your loved one at the Dutchess County Jail.

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