So you have heard that you can go to college for free in New York? Ok, but how do you go about it? Can you just show up at the college of your choice and they have to let you go to school for free? Or is there a little more to the process?

As you have probably guessed there is a bit more to the process. Here are a few things that you will need to know:

  • You need to be a New York State resident
  • You need to be planning to attend a CUNY or SUNY school
  • You will need to take 30 credits a year, this includes winter and summer sessions
  • You will need to be "on track" to complete an associates degree in two years or a Bachelors degree in four years.
  • You will also need to live in New York for the length of time that you received the award. Example if you get an associates degree you will need to live in New York for an additional 2 years, 4 years if you get a Bachelors degree.