When I first heard about the Hudson Horror Show, it seemed to good to be true for a movie geek like me. An all-day marathon featuring the goriest, scariest, and most ridiculous movies, all ranging from established classics to obscure favorites, and located at the movie theater ten minutes from my house? It was like discovering a portal to another world. 

These marathons are generally held twice a year, and I went for the first time this past May. You can check out my rundown of all the movies that were screened right here. This time around, the marathon will be held on Saturday, December 16th at Silver Cinemas in the South Hills Plaza, and the lineup is just as eclectic and weird as you would expect.

First, we've got Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988). Certainly not as good as the original Halloween, but one of the better sequels in the series. Then there's Blacula (1972), a movie that is often used as a punchline, but is actually kind of awesome. We've also got Savage Streets (1984) starring Linda Blair, a revenge thriller that I've heard great things about but have never seen. The Boogens (1981), a creature feature, and Prison (1987), which they call a "much forgotten classic," continue the marathon. And as always, there is one mystery movie that won't be revealed until it the title comes up on screen.

The Hudson Horror Show was a blast when I went back in May, so I'm definitely interested in checking this out. Are you going to be attending?