Has anyone else been waiting for the final Daniel Craig, James Bond movie? It will be his fifth and final take on the roll in the movie, "No Time to Die." This movie was supposed to premier in April of 2020. Well, at least I think it was supposed to be then, with the numerous amount of delays and rescheduling's due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The good news for all Bond fans, is that the movie is finally going to be released. The date? Friday October 8, 2021. Many movie fans might also be thinking about purchasing their movie tickets in advance so they will not miss out on the movie that they have been waiting for for a year and a half.

There is a small, independent movie theater that can appreciate what movie fans have been going through. You have been waiting for the movie, but cautious about heading back into the theater to actually watch the movie.

So, why not rent out the theater?

The theater in Millerton, aka The Moviehouse in Millerton at 44 Main St, is making it so people can rent out the entire showing. In movie speak it is called a "Private Screening." The cost is $450 to book the screening, which could be used for up to 25 people.

I did some quick investigation and Regal Cinemas does offer you the chance to hold a private screening. Yes, it will need to be done in advance and would require you to purchase at least 100 tickets for the movie, with a few other time and film restrictions.

AMC also offers private screening opportunities. The number of tickets can be 1-20 people and ranges in price from $149-$299, which depends on the movie, the time and the day of the week.

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