New York City residents are moving to Upstate New York and it looks like their businesses are coming with them.

Whether it is homemade bread, bagels or pastries there is no doubt about it. New Yorkers love a good local bakery. Some amazing bakeries call the Hudson Valley home and it looks like we recently welcomed another one with a huge following in New York City.

Hudson, New York now has a famous bakery.

One of the most popular bakeries in New York City just moved north.

According to reviews from Google, Mel the Bakery has 4.6 stars and the bakery was a popular hotspot for foodies in New York City. It looks like now residents of New York City will have to travel over an hour north to get some of their favorite baked goods. Mel the Bakery has found a new home in Hudson, New York and is located at 324 Warren Street.

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Eater New York shares that Mel the Bakery was so popular that people lined up outside to get some of the award winning pastries and that this news should not come as a shock to foodies as the culinary scene in Hudson is expanding. Two more restaurants from New York City may be on the way soon.

Mel the Bakery is excited to have a new home in Hudson, New York. Here is the announcement the bakery made on their Instagram page:

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