Residents in Hudson have a new drinking spot for a fun night out.

There's something so trendy and cool about a cocktail bar. It's perfect for some sophisticated drinking and a great night out with friends. Sometimes it sounds a little nicer to say cocktail bar and new cocktail bar recently opened up in Hudson, NY, it looks like a sweet spot for some fun by the way.

What new cocktail bar recently opened up in the Hudson Valley?

It's called The Hereafter (great name by the way) and it's located on 721 Columbia Street in Hudson.  It looks like a lot of hard work went into this new spot and they had their grand opening on Friday, February 23rd.

Their social media account mentioned how the staff at The Hereafter can't wait for people to enjoy the space the've created, enjoy the hand-crafted cocktails, and enjoy the seasonal menu that's been put together by Chef Michele Hunter.

I could use a drink right now...

and how yummy does all of this look


Something that makes the Hudson Valley very unique is that each business, restaurant, bar and more are all different. They each have their own charm, character, charisma and no 2 restaurants are the same (unless their a chain or a fast food spot).

I was checking out the local Facebook groups in Hudson and a lot of residents were writing in and talking about how they couldn't wait for this place to open. It's always nice when locals embrace something new and it's important because they do help determine the success of the business.

So we give a big and warm welcome The Hereafter in Hudson and hope you have a tremendous amount of success here. If you do go and check out The Hereafter, let us know what it's like on the station app:

Residents in Hudson, enjoy.

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