One Hudson Valley boy will most definitely be on the "Nice" list this year.

CBS is reporting that an 8-year-old boy from Washingtonville recently came across a large amount of money. According to the source, Frankie Burns was down in the Bronx this past weekend playing for his Gaelic football team.

While playing Frankie came across a wallet that contained $1,700 in cash. Frankie being the young, upstanding citizen that he is gave his father, Frank Burns Sr, the wallet that was then turned over to the police.

Luckily, the ID was still in the wallet so the police were able to locate the owner Patrick Caroll of Yonkers.

Caroll told New12 that he lost his wallet earlier in the month when he was attacked about a block away from the park. He didn't recall most of what happened, just that he ran from the attacker and lost his wallet which had his rent money intact.

To thank Frankie for his honest, Caroll gave him $100.