Hudson Valley breweries are going to be on full display in an upcoming Regional Brewery Pop-up event. The Beer Keep is hosting "A Day in the Hudson Valley" on January 22nd.

Cory Mascuto, the Director of Operations at The Beer Keep, told Buffalo Rising,

“We believe that this will especially appeal to the craft beer lovers. This is next level, with 20 different bottles that people can’t get locally. These selections are typically not available for retail outside of the breweries and cideries, as they are the reserve versions. The Hudson Valley is our first regional drop. It's fitting that New York’s Hudson Valley is our first regional feature as it is a huge tourism destination for beer and cider lovers alike.”

Now, what does this mean for you? The Beer Keep is located out in Buffalo. I'm not sure how many of you will be making a trek up to Buffalo anytime soon; however, if you know anyone in that area, let them know! Also, prior to hearing about this event, I'll admit, I've never heard of some of these breweries, wineries, and cideries before. I've had the pleasure to visit a few of these, but now I am aware of several new destinations I want to hit up. I'm not the biggest beer guy, but I love ciders, so something like Aaron Burr Cidery may be one of my first stops. Also, Rose Hill Farm also serves as a Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard that embraces holistic growing practices that focus on plant and soil health. See, now that's something I would be down to check out once the weather gets warmer.

Who may be some of these breweries, wineries, and cideries going to be featured? Well, this is the curated line-up of breweries that the event will include, along with the links to their websites to learn more on these fine Hudson Valley businesses:

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