Ok, so maybe we're exaggerating a little. But, a well known local brewery cat has been featured in a new book about cats who keep their brewery's and distilleries clear of rodents.

If you've been to Sessions at Newburgh Brewing Company, or perhaps stopped in another time, you'll most likely be familiar with the legend of Hoodie. Hoodie's long road to the Hudson Valley began as just a wee kitten in Brooklyn. According to the new book Distillery Cats, Hoodie and head brew master Chris Bosso met while he was working at Brooklyn Brewery. You'll have to read the full story for more info on how they met, but let's just say, things could have gone terribly wrong.

The author behind the book, Brad Thomas Parsons will be at Newburgh Brewing Company for a signing on Saturday October 28th from 1-3pm. Copies of Distillery Cats are available in the tap room for sale.