As the weather warms, bees and wasps will begin to reappear from their winter cluster to begin their routine of buzzing and pollinating all around.

Removing something like a wasp nest on your own can be a bit tricky, and you may want to call on an expert for help. This brave man in the embedded video attempted to remove a wasp nest near a doorway at a local Chipotle. You can see for yourself the dramatic results.

Viral Video (Scroll Down)

The video was actually uploaded on TikTok and Reddit in September 2021, but it serves as a good example any time of year. According to Reddit, the incident happened outside the Chipotle in the Rockland Plaza in Nanuet. Here you see can an employee carefully try to remove the nest with a long pole, as another person taking the video attempts to encourage him that it's going to be alright.

All it took was one poke, and this man can be heard screaming in terror before running away. As far as we know, he wasn't actually stung. This doesn't stop his friend off-camera from having quite a good laugh at his expense.

New Chipotle and Shake Shack Locations Across the Hudson Valley

By the way, if you happen to be in Rockland County, this new Chipotle location (and a Shake Shack) filled in the old site that was once Michael’s Tuxedo on Route 59 and Middletown Road. We assume the wasps have been since removed.


Are Murder Hornets Here Yet? 

You may remember the "Murder Hornets"? Just another one of the doom and gloom stories that was 2020 (they were actually first detected in the U.S, in 2019), and now the giant aggressive insects have been spotted in the United States yet again. But have they made their way east to the Hudson Valley and other parts of the Northeast? Was one actually spotted in Orange County recently? Experts are saying no to this. Well, at least they haven't arrived east just yet.

This is the video that caused the confusion. A viewer in Cornwall posted the attached video at HV12, and thought they had stumbled upon one of the dreadful hornets. If one was here in the Hudson Valley, then potentially tens of thousands more may not be far off. Well, do not fear. The Cornell Cooperative Extension says the insect you see in the video is actually a Pigeon Tremex. While this sort of insect can look quite scary, they're not really aggressive. They are commonly found in hardwood forests, and the stinger you see is not actually a stinger. It is an ovipositor. They are harmless.

Are These Creatures Real? 

"Murder Hornets" are better known to some as the Japanese giant hornet, the yak-killer hornet, or sparrow wasp. They are the world's largest hornets, and can grow to the size of an adult's thumb and deliver a sting so painful that one entomologist described it to The New York Times as "like having red-hot thumbtacks". Once again, the nasty insects have been spotted in the Pacific Northwest. So far, two of their nests have been eradicated in Washington state this year. This is their most active time of year when they go into what CNN refers to as a slaughter phase. This is where they have been known to raid other beehives and where they decapitate their victims.

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