The City of Beacon has been named the most popular town in the Northeast, but they're not the only Hudson Valley locale to make the top 20. Sleepy Hollow makes the cut as does upstate's Lake George and Finger Lakes. have been around for a few years now and they like to call attention to things worth exploring in the region. The following statistics are based on the total number of page views, based on Google Analytics data for all of 2017. They wrap up the Northeast most popular towns each year so if you'd like to see Beacon on the list again for this year, tell all your friends.

After falling to number two last year, Beacon returns to the top of the heap with a whole lot of interest in the town. Beacon was once an old run down industrial city but has come roaring back with new business' and people moving to the area in droves.

Sleepy Hollow is home to the legend of Rip Van Winkle and is author Washington Irving's hometown. Sleepy Hollow is a great town to visit around Halloween and has moved up a few spots from last years list, so all around interest in the town is increasing.

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