This city was named the safest not just in New York but the entire country and I'm shook.

Despite what you might think about this city here in the Hudson Valley it has been labeled one of the safest cites in the nation.

The Hudson Valley region gets a lot of praise. Mostly for food, apple orchards and hiking trails. We're not well known for having the safest cities.

When you think of safe cities in our region what comes to mind? What cities come to mind when you think of unsafe ones?

You might find it hard to believe but according to Wallet Hub, Yonkers was named the 4th safest city in America. I was in total disbelief when I saw this and it's difficult to convince others as well. I know it sounds outrageous but it's true.


How did they come to this conclusion? There's quite a few factors.

Google Maps
Google Maps

They measured safety in several different ways. The extensive search tallied things like COVID deaths, mass shootings, murders, assaults, drug overdoses, thefts, traffic fatalities and even road quality. The police employed by the city was also weighed.

They even measured the risk of natural disaster damage and financial risk was also taken into account.

Are you surprised that Yonkers came in so high on the list? I sure was.

It may be close to the boarder but Yonkers is a part of the Hudson Valley. If it's not a part of the five boroughs then it's considered the Hudson Valley region.

Who would of thought that being lost in Yonkers was actually one of the best places to be?

Rochester, New York ranked 27th.

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