I say that dessert is the best meal of the day. I look forward to having something sweet every night because why not? Regardless of how full I am at a night out at dinner, dessert always seems to be a must. It definitely feels like a mood booster.

From local ice cream spots to delicious goodies, let's check out them out below. I’m sure that your sweet tooth will thank me later.

  • For homemade cookies: Carmine’s Italian Bakery, Middletown
    Did someone say cannoli’s? I’m a complete sucker for homemade, Italian cookies. At Carmine’s, they have a huge selection of mouthwatering goodies. Here’s their Facebook to check out the details.
  • For local ice cream: Moo Moo’s Creamery, Cold Spring
    At Moo Moo's, they take pride in their homemade ice cream. I was thrilled when I saw their menu and super excited that there is so many options to choose from. Check out their ice cream section here.

  • For chocolate cake: Pizza E Birra, Middletown
    There’s literally no such thing as “I’m too full for dessert”. I love stopping at Pizza E Birra and grabbing their classic Italian dishes off the menu. My night wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t get their Molten Chocolate Cake. This cake can be enjoyed by yourself or someone as well. Take a look at their other desserts here.

  • For cupcakes and cake pops: The Cakery At-On-A-Stick Bakery, Fishkill
    At this bakery, be sure to leave with your hands full. Whether you stop by to try their cape pops or cupcakes, you’ll see that it doesn’t end there. From their apple pies to cream puffs, I’m sure that your sweet tooth will be happy. Find out more here.
  • For donuts: Glazed Over Donuts, Beacon
    I’ve only been to 3 donut shops in my life. Upon ordering a dozen of donuts, you wonder how you will ever be able to finish this box. At Glazed Over Donuts, overing a dozen didn’t even seem like enough. Try out their Cinnamon Sugar donut with their sundaes as well. Here’s a full list of their menu.

Where’s your favorite place to get dessert in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below, we would love to hear from you.

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