Does anyone else get cravings for cake? Not just any cake, but really good cupcakes. Let me tell you, they are not easy to find. So, I enlisted some help! I asked the best people in the world, the boots on the ground so to speak, my fellow cupcake enthusiasts to tell me where I should be looking for them here in the Hudson Valley.

Were there any requirements as to what makes a good cupcake? Nope. You just have to be able to walk into a place, within the three counties (I did put a limit on that) Orange, Dutchess and Ulster, and buy one. It can be a deli's, a store, pretty much anywhere. Look at these places, do you agree? Which is your favorite?

Stacey's Gourmet Cupcakes, Kingston, NY

Meltaway Bakery Facebook

I can't tell you how many times I opened up a text or an email with people telling me to try Stacey's Gourmet Cupcakes. There isn't a store front for these goodies, you have to purchase them at places like, Tower's Cafe (Banana Creme Cupcake) or Teri's Deli, any flavor you can buy that day.

The Meltaway Bakery, Saugerties, NY

Rainbow Cupcakes
Monica Schipper /Getty Images

You can walk-in to the bakery and purchase any one of the cupcakes that they have available for that day, but if you really want to treat yourself order a dozen. When I asked which flavor I should try first here, I was told, what ever you can get your hands on. Looking at their menu, I will need to get my hands on some PB&J Cupcakes!

Chrissie’s Cupcakes & Cookies, Hudson Valley

Photo by Hanh Nguyen on Unsplash
Photo by Hanh Nguyen on Unsplash

This is another place that does large orders for customers (in-advance) and that you can find at restaurants, deli's, and dining places throughout the area. A few places that carry their items are Gadaleto's in New Paltz, Dietz Stadium Diner in Kingston, and Dallas Hot Wieners.

There are two other places that quite a few people reminded me of. The 'if you want a cute cupcake' they said go to Deising's on Front St. in Kingston, and the 'if you need a bunch of cupcakes at the last minute and you don't want them to stink, but you need them for a party' was Sam's Club. I will have to keep both of these places in mind as well. Where is your favorite cupcake place? Which flavor should we try? Feel free to send us a picture of it too!

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