Apple growers are ecstatic over the size of their crops this year. Summer and fall climate for 2017 created an extended growing season. Limited hail and not too much heat allowed for healthy apple growth and a delicious tasting crop we all use for our apple pies this Thursday.

According to an article on this could be a record year for Hudson Valley apple orchards.

“It’s certainly an excellent crop – size, color, flavor – and we suspect it’s a record crop, too,” said Dan Donahue, the region’s tree fruit specialist at Cornell Cooperative Extension.

I went apple picking earlier this fall and learned the proper way to pick an apple which will lend a hand for next year's crop. I'm still torn between what my favorite Thanksgiving dessert is, apple or pumpkin pie. Either way, I usually have a slice of both and tie them together with too much whip cream. In my opinion, however, there is no such thing as TOO much whip cream.

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