It should really go without saying, but DON'T do this if you expect an invitation back.

It's always great when you get an invitation to a friend's house for dinner or a gathering. You get to enjoy some quality time with them and make fun memories. I'm a terrible cook so whenever someone offers to make dinner (I get super excited). I will always go out and bring something from a store (where someone else cooked it) so nobody gets sick.

People will always say, "You never need to bring something", but you know the polite thing to do is to bring something.

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Well...I have a friend who does not take this hint.

The other night we were all out at a friend's house and our friend was hosting a dinner party. I went out and bought some yummy dessert to bring over. I feel over odd and uncomfortable if I don't bring something, but that's me.

How about we call this friend Sally...

Sally came to the dinner party, brought nothing, ate/drank the most, and even asked to bring some food home. SERIOUSLY... Sally is known for doing this so it didn't really come as a surprise to anyone, but my friend who hosted the dinner party is starting to get frustrated.

I can't say I blame her, it's frustrating to have someone take advantage of your kindness and really be so unaware of it. If you forget something once or twice that's fine, but when it happens every time people are going to start calling BS ( me included). It also makes the person who is hosting the party feel like they are being taken advantage of and not appreciated.

So I'll ask you you think constantly not bringing something to a gathering is rude? Should you always bring a little something when someone invites you out?

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