As the weather turns cooler in the Hudson Valley we have to think about changing out our wardrobe. Fall arrives this week and logic says the Fall temperatures will soon follow. Just last night I was at an outdoor even where many people were saying that they should have brought a sweatshirt. That got me thinking about the sweatshirt versus the sweater.

I started to also think I am more of a sweatshirt person than a sweater person. If you think about it most people are one or the other but rarely both. When I was younger I had lots of sweaters. Of course that was also the 80's and it seemed everyone was wearing sweaters. That fashion trend hasn't really held up with time. I think it maybe due to the fact the sweaters seem dressier than a good old sweat shirt.

Wearing a sweat shirt instead of a sweater actually makes a lot of since in the Fall in the Hudson Valley. I can think of some very specific reason I would prefer a sweatshirt over a sweater

The Pockets

Sure a lot of sweaters have pockets but you can't beat the size of a sweatshirt pocket. Many a time I have been out apple picking and have needed one more apple or two and been out room in the basket. The pockets and even turning the front of the sweat shirt up and making a carry pouch works well when you need that extra make shift bag to carry all those apples to the car.

apple trees in a row, before harvest

A Seat

If you find your self taking a break when you are out on a Hudson Valley Trail you are going to feel a lot more confident putting down your sweatshirt rather than a sweater. Cold dirt and bugs could  be waiting a sweatshirt can hold up to those and even the rock you might lay it across. That sweater and the rock surface definitely aren't a good idea. And face it washing dirt out a sweater can be a real chore. better than that finely knit sweater.

White Mountains, New Hampshire autumn at Middle Falls

The Warmth

Sweaters rarely come with a hood, sweatshirts on the other hand very often have a hood. Yes, hoodies are sweatshirts too. Having a hood can make the difference when it comes to staying warm on a cool Hudson Valley fall day. Having a hood means you can add that extra layer of warmth while you are out and about enjoy all the fun fall activities including all our haunted attractions. Word of advice though, don't wear the hood on a haunted trail. It could end up being the reason you don't see the zombie until it's too late.


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