Less than a month after a December Nor'Easter blasted the Hudson Valley with heavy rains and winds, leaving much of the area with massive water cleanup, significant snowfall followed two days later by more rain has the area in a similar situation: cleaning up water.

Hudson Valley Drones
Hudson Valley Drones

Immediately after the Hudson Valley's first significant snowfall this winter, which brought certain areas close to 18 inches of snow last weekend, we were then hit with a forecast of elevated temperatures and heavy rainfall Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday. The high temps melted a good majority of the snow from the weekend, and when combined with the rainfall numbers, many parts of the area were again left under water.

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Hudson Valley Recovers From Flooding...Again

Parts of the Hudson Valley recorded rainfall totals of more than 4 inches from Tuesday's storm, with Spring Valley in Rockland County coming in at 4.52 inches, and 4.11 inches at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, this according to ABC news.

Temperatures fluctuated greatly throughout the day on Tuesday, so much so that many parts of the area saw snowfall, heavy at times, earlier in the day before the rain actually started.

The amount of rain predicted to fall during a short time frame on Tuesday prompted a flood watch for the area.

Winds were also a concern during the storm, with the highest gusts recorded in Westchester County at 64MPH. Not sure how fast the wind was moving in Wappingers, but it was strong enough to send my garbage can on a trip down the driveway.

Clean-Up Efforts Underway After December 9th Storm, Flooding

Many local residents have been sharing their post-storm clean-up efforts, with reports of basements flooding and damage to homes, as well as flooding on major roadways and downed trees and wires.

Hudson Valley Drones
Hudson Valley Drones

Several community members shared photos on social media of the storm damage and flooding, and Hudson Valley Drones captured incredible overhead footage of some of the areas that were severely impacted by this particular storm.

A first hand look at the flooding and damage in the Hudson Valley can be found below:

January 9th Hudson Valley Flood Footage

The Hudson Valley was hit with another storm that brought high winds and heavy rains, leaving much of the area under water, yet again.

Gallery Credit: V.Turco

Cold Weather Cocktails of the Hudson Valley

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