The 'new normal.'

Ever changing times.

Those are just a few of the phrases we got accustomed to hearing over the past year, and though they became really annoying, the sentiments behind them were true.

What. A. Year.

20-21 was supposed to be a really exciting school year for me personally, my daughter was starting kindergarten, she's my oldest (and only) so this was my first go-around with having a school-aged kid, and I can't even tell you how strange it was to navigate this year.

Aside from dropping off her registration packet I never walked into her school, didn't get to see her desk or classroom, only talked with her teacher virtually, and the first and only time I ever saw her classmates in person was at the parking lot kindergarten graduation ceremony.

No two days were the same, and though there were plenty of laughs, there were equal amounts of tears, but in the end, we made it through a year of fully remote gone hybrid kindergarten....barely.

Cheers to us, to the teachers, daycare providers, grandparents, friends and all those that helped us navigate this most unprecedented year.

Here's a look back at some images that may look all too familiar to some Hudson Valley parents from this past school year.

20 Photos That Perfectly Describe The Wild Ride That Was This Past School Year

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