Have you ever noticed it before?

I seriously love to be by any kind of water, it can be the ocean a lake, or a pool...I'm not picky. I've been loving this heat wave, so I've been trying to get outside as much as I can and even bring some of my work out there to enjoy it and soak it all in.

I noticed something very interesting happening on the lake when I was outside the other day.

What machine can be found on Hudson Valley lakes?


SIDE NOTE: I know the picture is distant, you have to proceed with caution when you're bringing a phone near the water.

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I was just looking out at the water and I noticed this machine cruising along it. It reminded me of a mini transformer (like one from the movies) as it made its way around the lake. The machine was a decent size and it almost looked like it had a mini propeller attached to the bottom of it.

I asked around and a few people mentioned that it's a machine that dredges the lake.

Why is it important to dredge a lake?

So that little machine I was talking about....it's called a dredge. It goes around the lake and helps remove excess muck and debris from the water. It's super important to do this because over time sediment can build up in lakes and this can cause all kinds of issues that can be harmful to the lake and the wildlife in it.

Let's just say you don't do anything and don't dredge the lake, how dangerous can it really be? It can become very bad, the dead fish and vegetation will sink to the bottom of the lake. Eventually, all that muck on the bottom will cause bad odors, let vegetation run wild, help algae grow more, and will make the lake a very less desirable place to visit.

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Not good at all, especially during those summer months when all you want to do is be by the water. Thankfully there are machines like a dredge that help keep the lakes in the Hudson Valley safe and healthy.

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