As of Sunday night, March 22, 100 percent of non-essential workers must stay home.

Pretty much everything in the Hudson Valley has closed down. Malls, bowling alleys, salons, and a lot more. But what hasn't closed, are the essential businesses. In case you were wondering, liquor stores will be open. Because CBS 6 Albany reports that liquor stores do qualify as essential businesses in New York State.

CBS 6 Albany reports that liquor stores do in fact qualify as an essential business in New York State under the food and drink category. This means they are exempt from Governor Andrew Cuomo's executive order that all non-essential workers need to stay home. This applies to all State Liquor Authority (SLA) entities. If non-essential businesses do not follow this order there will be a fine and a mandatory closure.

You can find the entire list of essential businesses in New York State here.

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