Snow is coming, snow is coming, snow is coming!

As you're preparing for the storm please remember to prepare your pets as well. When the snow comes often animals go missing. Cold temperatures, loud, scary noises and not to mention dangerous conditions are all reasons to keep your pets safe. If you have an outdoors pet please bring them inside. If you let your pet out to go potty (yes I said potty)...keep them on a leash or keep a very close eye on them. Making these efforts could help avoid some heart break.

Sadly even with our best efforts pets still go missing, sometimes we don't even know it. So also keep an eye out while  you're out in about. If you are on the roads over the next few days be alert for animals wandering around...if you see something, say something. Also be sure to ‘Like’ Hudson Valley Lost Pets on Facebook, ‘Follow’ them on Twitter and check out their website for a full listing our or lost and found pets.

Stay safe and warm out there my friends, human and fur!