The Hudson Valley proves once again it is a king of craft beer.

Vine Pair recently released their list of the 50 best beers of 2020. Of course, beers made in states like California and Colorado graced the list. Those states put out some of the best beers ever made. But New York State and the Hudson Valley also put out some great beer. So it only makes sense a beer made in our region made the list.

According to Vine Pair, the 16th best beer of 2020 was made right here in Beacon, part of Dutchess County. The beer is called Incandenza Sour IPA and is from Hudson Valley Brewery. It's 6% alcohol and is described as being berry-forward.

The article describes the beer as:

"Raw white wheat gives an edge to the grist in this sour IPA hopped with show-stopping Citra and its berry-forward friend, Mosaic. Hudson Valley came out strong with the emerging style, and this lemony, fruity gem is still one of best sour IPAs around."

The Hudson Valley is no stranger to producing great beer. Before this list, the most recent brewery/beer from the Hudson Valley to get recognized is Newburgh Brewing Company's Brown AleGQ put out a list of the 49 Best Fall Beers and Newburgh Brewing Company's Brown Ale is the only Hudson Valley made beer to make the list. Another Hudson Valley made beer was named the best in New York State. Family Suarez's Palatine Pils was named as one of the best beers in New York State by Thrillist. This brewery is in Hudson, part of the upper Hudson Valley. This beer is a pilsner at 5.2% ABV. Thrillist notes that the beer is masterfully made. Thrillist even named Family Suarez Brewery as an essential brewery.

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