A Hudson Valley brewery is getting high praise for one of its brews.

Thrillist recently compiled a list of the best beer states in America, and then broke each state down by their best beers. They looked for pioneers of beer, beer that made history, beer that paved the way for others to succeed, and just all-around good beer in each state. For New York State, three breweries were highlighted for their excellent beer. One of those breweries, and therefore beers, is right here in the Hudson Valley.

Family Suarez's Palatine Pils was named as one of the best beers in New York State by Thrillist. This brewery is in Hudson, part of the upper Hudson Valley. This beer is a pilsner at 5.2% ABV. Thrillist notes that the beer is masterfully made. Thrillist even named Family Suarez Brewery as an essential brewery.

The other beers in New York State that were named are Gun Hill's Void of Light, which is a stout. And Three Brewing was recognized for their Constant Disappointment IPA.

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