Tragedy struck Hunter Mountain today as a local man died as a result of injuries he incurred while skiing a black diamond trail. New York State Police report Edwin Wood of Warwick, who was an expert skier, lost control on the Annapurna trail and slid some 200 feet before striking several trees.

Wood was removed from the mountain and treated by Greene County Paramedics and Hunter area ambulance crew but was pronounced deceased a short time later. Foul play is not expected at this time, an autopsy is expected at a later date.

If you're heading out to ski or snowboard, here are a few safety tips to prepare yourself courtesy of Skiing.Com.

  • Wear a helmet and goggles
  • Never borrow gear, make sure everything fits properly
  • Be prepared for the weather
  • Get proper instruction
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Exercise ahead of time! You'll end up using muscles you haven't used in a while, while skiing.