A Hudson Valley man has plead guilty to charges he committed voter fraud in a 2014 local election. Shalom Lamm stood accused of meddling with the elections in the Village of Bloomingburg and will now be off to prison.

The Times Herald Record reports the sentence carries a maximum of five years although it could be more as Lamm is thought to be the ringleader of the fraud operation. Before sentencing, lawyers for both sides are said to be working out a deal pending some additional disagreements on the charges.

Prosecutors allege Lamm along with two accomplices gave money and other gifts to voters in return for voting in favor of the Chestnut Ridge development they were working on. Payments of $500 per voter totaling $31,000 were allegedly made.

Chestnut Ridge was originally supposed to be a golf course and retirement village the Times Herald Record reports, but the project morphed into a 396 unit townhouse development after the recession hit in 2007-08.