Have you taken your pet to the veterinarian since the beginning of COVID-19? Have you been through the whole 'not going into the office with your pet?' For the first time since March of 2020, I needed to take my cat to the vet. I heard from others about having to check in from the car and wait for a vet tech to come to get the pet. You are sitting in the car with an iPad, and you're waiting in the car while your beloved pet is getting seen by the doctor without you.

Yeah, thankfully that was not wholly my experience. I didn't have to wear a mask while I was in the waiting room, which I thought was great, but it was when they came in and whisked my Sophia away from me, I got worried. Would she be, ok? Who will hold her? Will she be super stressed out, because I am not with her?

Why are you not allowed to go in with your pet your Hudson Valley Veterinarian's?

Dog and cat playing together

What I found out during this first visit with the Veterinarian is that there are COVID procedures still in effect because (duh) it is a medical office. What was I thinking? The time that she was away from me was brief, about 10 minutes, maybe 15, then she was returned to me. She had her exam, nails clipped, blood drawn and was placed neatly back into her carrier, seeming just fine.

Will you ever actually see the Veterinarian during your visit?


While I didn't actually see the Veterinarian face-to-face, they did call me to go over the entire exam, and her continued after-care. When paying, I asked why I wasn't allowed to go back with my cat for her visit. It was explained to me, that with this particular office's COVID protocols, they were continuing to take precautions because if anyone of their staff were to get COVID, they would have to close the office, which would keep all of their four-legged patients from being able to see the Veterinarian.

So, while New York State Veterinarians can be open, and yes, they can see patients (your pets), you may or may not be allowed to go back with them.

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