Kids. Are. Expensive.

I thought I had your attention :)

There's no shame in my raising a child game these days, I love a bargain.  When I had a newborn though, I was all about having the latest, newest, shiniest everything - clothes, toys, shoes, books.  Then I learned that kids wear clothes approximately 2.3 times before they either grow out of them or ruin them, they play with toys 4 times and then move to the next thing, shoes fit one day and not the next, and book pages get ripped out at a ridiculous rate.

Enter consignment sales.

Now through Saturday, the LaGrange Be Green Kids Consignment Fall Winter Sale will be going on at the Gold's Gym Sports Complex on Titusville Road, and they have an insane number of items for sale.

Let's kick it up a notch though, how about kid free shopping?  According to their website and facebook page.

KidZone will be available to our shoppers on Thu 4pm-8pm; Friday 8:30am-1pm and 4pm-7pm; Saturday 8am-1pm. There is a $5 charge per child to pay directly to the gym at the front desk- this will provide you with up to 2 hours of childcare while you shop! Area is good for 3 months to 12 years (it is a very cool space with separate areas for all age groups). Parent or provider will be given a wristband, as will their child(ren) for safety reasons. They do not change diapers, so parents will be called if there is a need for diaper change.

Public shopping is from 9am to 7pm Friday, and 9am until 1pm on Saturday, which also happens to be half price day

Two child warm jackets. Red and blue