One New York Police Headquarters is calling out state lawmakers to do something about bail reform by sharing a video of alleged thieves walking out with bags full of merchandise.

The current rate of inflation is at 6.4% and customers are feeling it at the checkout counter when they go to pay for items at the store. I hate paying for things as much as the next person but that's literally the price you pay for being a law-abiding citizen.

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Some Hudson Valley residents don't feel like they have to pay. According to data collected in 2020 and 2021, there has been an increase in property crime in almost every Hudson Valley county. There are a lot of people shamelessly taking advantage of the 5-finger discount and some members of law enforcement officers think legislators being too light on crime is to blame.

Almost every day we see videos online of criminals participating in 'smash and grabs' at stores.

Yonkers Police HQ
Yonkers Police HQ

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