Unfortunately, when we turn on the news we're met with some stories that don't paint police officers in the brightest light.

So when there is a positive story about law enforcement going viral, we love to share it. Especially when it comes from the Hudson Valley.

Kingston resident Christina Blue shared a video on Facebook on Thursday, June 28th of a Kingston police officer and a few kids in her neighborhood. The pictures and video were accompanied by this caption:

So the kids were outside playing and this officer drove by. One kid asked ‘what do I have to do to be a police officer’ he parked and got out and talked to the kids for at least 30 minutes, answering all their questions, talked to them about school, showed his car and even competed in a foot race and lost gracefully ( shout out to the winner, Chris) thank you officer Aitken for not coming over scaring the kids but engaging with them

Christina shared pictures of the kids taking a look at Officer Aitken's SUV and then shared the video of the footrace she spoke about in her post. While Officer Aitken had some speed, he just couldn't keep up.

Take a look at the video below:

Christina told us she thought "It really was a great experience for the children."

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