Local authorities recently captured dramatic footage of a cruiser in pursuit of a ram. Sometimes on the other end of the dispatchers call police find a Dodge, other times it's an actual escaped animal.

The Carmel PBA had some fun with the Facebook post on Black Friday. Thankfully it appears no one, people or animals, were injured in the incident.

Many have heard recently, our officers were involved in pursuit of a ram. No, not a Dodge Ram but an actual ram. Thankfully due to our extensive training in lassoing and corralling the ram was eventually safely returned home.

This is far from the first (or last) time, Hudson Valley drivers have had to share the road with animals. Back on November 12th, an elephant escaped and took a leisurely stroll in Orange County. A moose was reported on the loose in Columbia County a few days earlier. Back in January, a horse and a boar made a break for it together in Ulster County.

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