I promise this isn't an article from The Onion.

Believe it or not, there is someone from the Hudson Valley, who has literally no clue who, or what, Eggbert is. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Who is this person you ask? My boyfriend. Somehow, I was able to look past this and pursue our relationship still. But how does he not know who Eggbert is? He grew up in the Hudson Valley.

I was discussing the Hudson Valley favorite, Eggbert, with some friends, when he turns to me and asks "What's an Eggbert?" I was s h o o k. I ask him if he's ever gone to Devitt's to see Eggbert, to which he asks "What's Devitt's?" Mind = blown. So of course, I do what any good Hudson Valley resident does: show him a picture of Eggbert.

I tell him about when I went to see Eggbert as a kid and asked for a Skateboard Shannon (which he did deliver on!) and how Eggbert knew my name. The name is the standout experience of meeting Eggbert. It's almost like you're wearing a nametag...

Do your fellow citizens a favor and educate any and everyone on Eggbert this holiday season.

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