Local Pokémon Go Community Day organizer Chelsea Carole took a trip to Boston, MA. A simple day trip was filled with lots of new catches and the chance to hang out with Pokemon Go YouTuber Mystic7.

While strolling through a park in Boston, there were no shortage of Pokémon. There was also no shortage of actual wild life. I've fed pigeons before and they can get very close, sometimes overwhelmingly close, but I've never seen a pigeon do this before.

Thankfully we live in the age of smart phone cameras and the interaction was all caught on video. The bird actually landed on their hands and happily took food. I don't know if this is a health risk but the video looks like it comes straight out of a Disney movie.

You can enjoy the video below where you'll see the pigeon just hang out with a group of friendly Pokémon trainers.