Have you been looking for things to do with the family or just with the intention of getting yourself moving? How about roller skating? Apparently, at one time, New York State had more than 200 active roller rinks.

How many do they have now? While it is hard to find a listing for that, there are now just a few in the Hudson Valley. Do you have your own skates? Grab them, lace them up and let's go!

What's the deal with Roller Skating and the Hudson Valley, NY?

Photo by Matias N Reyes on Unsplash
Photo by Matias N Reyes on Unsplash

According to the website Dead Rinks, New York State has more than 200 rinks that at one time, were up and running or should I say, rolling? Here in the Hudson Valley that has been no exception. There are no longer 30 rinks that are filled with people, music, and laughter.

What happened to these roller rinks and the culture of roller skating?

Photo by Arif Maulana on Unsplash
Photo by Arif Maulana on Unsplash

Excellent question. One could hypothesize that it was the onslaught of video games, cable tv, and the internet that took people out of "Fun Centers" and kept them home or choosing different adventures. Agree? The Roller Rinks went out of business, some locations becoming houses of worship, banks, or even new housing developments.

Are there any new roller rinks in the Hudson Valley, NY?

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While the Hudson Valley has not seen any new roller rinks open in the last decade, there is a new-ish roller rink that has come to New York State. The place most famously known for ice-skating in the winter, now during the 'off-season' has been turned into a roller rink, Rockefeller Center Ice Rink is in the warmer months a Roller Rink.

So, where are these Hudson Valley Roller Rinks located?

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Before the pandemic there were three rinks, now there are only two. The one that closed in 2020 was Neighborhood 209 (formerly Skate Time 209) in Accord. The other two that are still operating, with limited hours, are:

Wood N Wheel Family Fun Center in Ulster Park, NY

Hyde Park Roller Magic, Hyde Park, NY

So, when are you going skating?

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