A school in Rockland County is open today, even though it lacks running water.

The all-girls school, Blima Ruchel Girls School located in Ramapo, has just over 300 students. A source told LoHud.com that the pipes recently burst with the cold weather. The school has been using a garden hose to get water to the building, according to LoHud.com.

It could take weeks to get the pipes fixed and working as they should. School officials are considering closing the school for a few weeks while the repairs are being made. As of right now, school is still in session on a daily basis.

The Town of Ramapo officials will be taking the issue to court today, February 8 and they are wanting to ask a judge to close this school and another one also located on Route 306, school for multiple safety violations, not just the lack of water.

Some of the safety issues that officials want addressed at the all-girls school include:

  • cited by the Health Department for having defective hallway emergency lights
  • missing lightbulbs
  • defective carbon monoxide detectors
  • garbage on the floor in the trash area
  • the lack of water issue, due to pipes bursting