A Hudson Valley School district recently made some news via a letter they sent to the governor of New York, Kathy Hochul. The letter was sent from the Brewster Central School District of Putnam County and in it, the school stated that they are not in support of the current COVID-19 mandates for students. The school also detailed why it was that they collectively came to this decision.

Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of the Governor
Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of the Governor

School Districts Determining Factors

First and foremost the district did recognize and acknowledge their knowledge of the CDC's (Center for Disease Control) current recommendations regarding the Covid vaccine for public school students. With that in mind, it was noted in the letter that the school district has not been impeded by any disruptions due to Covid-19.

Here was the most important part of the message through. The Brewster Central School District stated that in terms of the vaccine for Covid, or any type of medical decisions regarding its students, those medical decisions should be in the hands of their student's parents.


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Specifically, the letter states...

We support a parent's right to make medical decisions for their children regarding COVID-19.


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In addition, the letter went on to state that...

A mandated vaccine will cause interruptions in the students' learning that would have significant long-term repercussions to their education. Moreover, such a mandate would once again divide our community and divert the attention and focus of our administrators, teachers, and staff away from student learning.

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Public Response to School Districts Letter

Response to the school district's letter to the governor was fast and passionate. Most notably, the parents of students applauded the district's decision to send the letter. Many simply showed their appreciation through simple "thank you's" and others went as far as to say they hoped surrounding districts in the Hudson Valley would soon make the same decision.

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I for one do not have a dog in this fight as I am not a parent. However, I will greatly support that when it does come to any individual's children, unequivocally parents should have the ultimate final say regarding the health of their child. This is simply because it is the parent's job to look out for their children. Who will know their child better than their parent? It's definitely not any form of government.

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Ultimately this is a great move on the part of the Brewster Central School District in my opinion. They recognize that they are in a position to educate the children in their schools, not make major life decisions for them. Whether or not the letter is recognized or acknowledged is not up to the district or the parents but the effort that was made is most definitely commendable.

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