Valentine's Day is less than a few weeks away, and couples across the Hudson Valley are already planning their special rendezvous. Partners are looking at the best jewelry and sweets to buy while making sure they can get that reservation to their partner's favorite restaurant. Maybe you're looking for event tickets to enjoy a special night out somewhere. You'll see plenty of commercials for the sweetest gifts that are sure to make your significant other's heart melt, but are you prepared for the end of the night when you close all the doors and turn off all the lights?


Now, one can certainly just order their adult novelties and sex toys online, but what if you need to grab something fast? That, or you need some education and expertise in the matter? Sex shops sometimes get a skeezy reputation for whatever reason, but sex stores need to be clean and proper. They handle things with much care and sensitivity, and everything has to be pristine. That and the staff must be knowledgeable with their wears to offer customers a thoughtful and respectful experience.

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Besides online, there are several Spencer's stores in the area, mostly in malls. They too can offer a significant selection of adult novelties, lingerie, toys and more. However, the stores we have listed below are locally owned stores that have servicing the Hudson Valley adult community for decades, and specialize the best care of your bedroom needs. So, whether you are new to the land of sex stores, or you are a veteran, there are several great locations in the Hudson Valley that will help you and your partner have a Valentine's Day like no other.

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