Looking for something different to do either by yourself or with your friends? How about taking them to tea? Going to tea, could be something as simple as getting a hot cup of tea prepared for you or it could be as grand as having a 'High Tea' with several courses and multiple pots of tea.

Here are a few places in the Hudson Valley that you could try different teas, talk to the staff about different types of tea, even as questions about the best temperature to serve it at or even what you could serve it with.

  • The Village Tea Room, New Paltz
  • Charlotte's Tea Room, Warwick
  • Kathleen's Tea Room, Peekskill
  • LiberTea Shoppe, Newburgh
  • Harney & Son, Millerton
  • Tea Shop of Woodstock
  • Florrie Kayes Tea Room, Carmel

A few questions that you might want to ask:

  • Is there a different temperature of water for brew different types of tea? Like do you boil water for oolong or black tea?
  • What's the difference between green, black and white tea?

Do you have a favorite tea house in the Hudson Valley? Share it with us, brandi@wrrv.com.