Seth Meyers may have been the host, but a Hudson Valley town also wound up being a guest on this weekend's Saturday Night Live.

During a sketch titled "Halloween Gig," Keenan Thompson played Tyrese Henderson, the leader of a band playing a gig at an adult Halloween costume contest. The performance kept getting interrupted as Henderson squabbled with Myers' character, an electric piccolo player, over his mysterious medical condition.

The setting for this sketch may be familiar to many people in the Hudson Valley. Apparently, Henderson and his band were performing at the Kingston Residence Inn by Marriott. In fact, that hotel really does exist in real life. There is a Residence Inn located on Frank Sottile Blvd in Kingston, although the photo shown in the sketch does not match the exterior actual hotel.

Here's the picture in the sketch:

YouTube/Saturday Night Live

And here's a shot of the actual hotel:

Google Maps

Later in the sketch, Henderson also gets a phone call from "Kingston Medical," which is not an actual Kingston doctor's office. The fictitious clinic calls to reveal that the piccolo player's embarrassing medical issue is "panty crickets," disrupting the rest of the band's Halloween performance.

You can check out the whole sketch for yourself thanks to Saturday Night Live's YouTube channel: