An amateur meteorologist has been applauded for his savage takedown of some angry Facebook trolls.

Social media used to be a place to share ideas, make friends and feel connected. But today, anyone visiting Twitter or Facebook will be hard-pressed to find anything other than anger and stupidity.

The "Weather Dork" is a Facebook page run by an amateur meteorologist who educates followers about weather and science. The page has over 5,000 followers who anxiously await detailed analysis of oncoming storms and weather patterns affecting the Hudson Valley region.

Thumb down or dislike button on keyboard.

You wouldn't think a page about the weather would attract angry trolls, but then again it's 2022 and everyone has something terrible to say about everything.

On Monday, the Weather Dork was closely following an unstable weather front that was predicted to bring strong storms through the Hudson Valley. Conditions appeared to be ripe for strong winds and tornadoes. Because of the forecast, many local school districts decided to dismiss early and cancel school activities.

That's when the trolls came out. Right on cue, the "boomers" started to whine and cry about schools closing, arguing that kids today are too soft. The same old "back in my day" rants went on and on about how when they were young they would walk through fifty feet of snow barefoot and how ridiculous it was for schools to close down for just "a little wind."

The moronic complaints were just too much for the weatherman to take, so he took to his page to set the record straight. The Weather Dork unleashed an epic response to the trolls that is a master class in clapping back.

It began by reminding his followers about a local tragedy that took the lives of seven Hudson Valley schoolchildren.

Alrighty, so here's a bit of a rant. A lot of folks are salty about schools dismissing early for the severe weather threat today. I have a painful story to share about this very topic.
On November 16, 1989 there were 120 elementary students eating lunch at East Coldenham Elementary near Newburgh, NY. I live right down the road. A severe storm steamrolled into the area and generated a tornado. The powerful winds caused a glass wall in the cafeteria to collapse onto the children.

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Those who did not live through this tragedy have no idea how it devastated the region. That "strong wind" that some Facebook followers were mocking took seven young lives and injured 18 others. The Weather Dork explained how ignorant it was to villanize schools for trying to protect their students.

I understand that some people believe that folks "are soft" these days. Yes, those people probably "never had an early dismissal for severe storms growing up" or they "had to walk 5 miles in home in a thunderstorm." Yup, I remember not being sent home as a kid when the sky was falling. I remember a glass window shattered in our classroom during a storm. Am I salty that the kids today possibly weren't exposed to a window shattering in their classroom because they were dismissed before the storms hit?

Um. No.

There are some people who are happy when others don't have to struggle as they did. Then there are others who are happy when everyone has to struggle as they have.

Slow clap.

Kudos to the Weather Dork for using his platform to remind people that underestimating dangerous weather isn't something to wear as a badge of honor. Learning from tragedy and taking precautions not to repeat it isn't being "soft." However, sitting behind a keyboard and whining about something you're completely uneducated about is pretty stupid.

The Weather Dork earned a Facebook like from me. Check out his full post here. I highly recommend reading it.

For those of you who don't remember the tragedy of 1989, here's a chilling digital recreation of the weather pattern that hit Coldehnam Elementary.

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